Our Purpose | United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg

United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg exists to mobilize people, multiply investments, and maximize opportunities so people learn more, earn more and lead safe and healthy lives.

United Way is your best partner for achieving the results that improve the lives of those most in need in our community.  United Way focuses on long term solutions and not quick fixes.  It executes effective strategies based on solid research.  And, it makes sure that the money you give is well spent and maximizes the greatest amount of return on your investment. Making an investment in United Way ensures that you get:


United Way has the most thorough research abilities of all charities in our region.  Our community indicators report, published yearly, shows the most critical needs and determines the best programs and initiatives to effectively meet those needs.  We focus on the necessities of life and the most vulnerable populations to improve community conditions.


In our focus areas of Education, Income, and Health, United Way has clear goals and priorities.  We know the best approaches in these areas.  We are careful to invest your hard earned dollars in solutions that are proven to get results.


United Way is the area’s expert on bringing together organizations to tackle problems together through partnerships and collaborations.

Local Citizen Decisions

Supported by United Way’s professional staff, nearly a hundred local volunteers – citizens like you – decide where the dollars go.  They use established priorities, community research, and agency results to direct our resources to the most critical services.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our volunteer Board of Directors ensures the strictest accountability so that we are sure to carefully steward every donor dollar that comes to us.


What matters most is positive change that can last over time.  That’s why we invest in programs that achieve measurable outcomes that improve community conditions as well as individual lives.