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Innovation and Social Connection

United Way Young Leaders learned about the need for social connections at our volunteer opportunity, Forming Social Connections for Better Health. Some of us really felt inspired to make some changes and take action to make more meaningful social [...]

The School Readiness Force Multiplier

By Emily Watkins Preparing kids for kindergarten requires more than just giving them paper and pencils. It requires building early literacy skills, fostering resiliency, and positive relationships with caregivers. Our schools also have to be ready to welcome them. [...]

What do you need, sweetheart?

By Emily Watkins This past October, United Way Young Leaders volunteered to be our first United Way Prosperity Team, spreading the word about the Earned Income Tax Credit and prosperity building programs. One woman approached me and asked “What [...]

United Way Prosperity Team

By Scott Bennett, United Way Young Leader RVA’s young movers and shakers hit the streets again in mid-October.  The United Way Prosperity Street Team set-up at the East End Library and took action.  Our mission:  go door to door [...]

Richmond Regional Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

In August, United Way, in partnership with regional school districts, nonprofits, funders, libraries, and universities, launched the Richmond Regional Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, which is aimed at increasing the number of kids in the Greater Richmond & Petersburg region [...]

We’re on The Hill

Today, over 60 United Way leaders from 29 states are on Capitol Hill to advocate for common sense policies for young workers and workers who cannot claim children on their taxes. The Earned Income Tax Credit is a refundable [...]

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