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Richmond Regional Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

In August, United Way, in partnership with regional school districts, nonprofits, funders, libraries, and universities, launched the Richmond Regional Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, which is aimed at increasing the number of kids in the Greater Richmond & Petersburg region [...]

It’s tough to talk about.

Child abuse and neglect are tough to talk about. The topic can make us uncomfortable. I know it does me. But we can’t let child abuse and neglect remain in the shadows. April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. [...]

What Volunteering Means to You

National Volunteer Week is upon us and it had me thinking… What does volunteerism mean to you? Why do you volunteer? What’s your reason for volunteering? No matter how it’s phrased, in all my years at United Way, I [...]

Kindergarten Registration, circa 1988

When I was five years old, I showed up to for kindergarten orientation at the wrong school. Yep. My parents, both well-educated, working professionals, were new to the community, having moved to the Shenandoah Valley for my dad’s job as a minister [...]

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