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Giving: Let’s Talk about It

I have read countless articles and studies about what motivates “millienials” to give. Too often, they paint a one dimensional caricature of someone who wants to change the world by posting on facebook and texting a ten dollar donation. [...]

Building our Resilience

While learning to read, I discovered that I often flip the order of letters in a word and words in sentences. Later, I was told I have a learning disorder that made it more difficult for me to visually [...]

Be the Change for You and Your Neighbor

I joined the United Way movement because I wanted to help my neighbors and my community. At the last United Way Young Leaders Society’s event, I met my actual neighbor who lives just a block away. I learned he [...]

Help at Every Stage of Life

Do you care about improved infant and maternal health? Do you care about children succeeding in school? Do you care about working families being able to pay their bills? Do you care about taking care of our elders? If [...]

Uniting for a Happy and Healthy Life

Many United Way Young Leaders have called the Richmond & Petersburg region “home” all their lives. Others, like me, moved to RVA and had to seek out the friends and connections needed to build a long and healthy life [...]

Young Leader Spotlight: Eileen Jackson

Eileen Jackson, 2016-2017 Chair of the United Way Young Leaders Society and attorney at Williams Mullen, takes your questions and shares why she chooses to LIVE UNITED with the United Way Young Leaders Society. Question: What made you want [...]

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