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Mobilizing my Family and Community for Kindergarten Registration Day

Easter weekend, I did a very small thing to advocate for my community—I told my family about an awesome initiative to give a free school readiness kits to rising kindergartners at schools that serve low-income families. I was talking over the dinner table about how we are collecting school supplies, so kids can use them over the summer and the parents will come to Kindergarten Registration Day to learn more about school readiness. We talked about how income levels create disparity in school readiness among kids and how 1 in 7 kids do not enter school with the early literacy skills needed to succeed in school. At their request, I followed up with a few links to amazon and some information about how they can support the drive. Advocacy can take many forms and sometimes it’s just telling your family something you are interested in and working on.

Soon, my four siblings were posting on facebook and the boxes started arriving. My family, and the friends they mobilized, donated enough supplies for 200 school readiness kits with a lot of additional supplies that will combine with other families’ donations to make more kits. I was so touched that they all took immediate action and I think it shows that sometimes you just have to get the word out to mobilize the caring power of families and communities.

My efforts are even more impactful because I am not alone in this effort. I am united with a group of amazing women who care about this community and understand the importance of school readiness—the United Way Women’s Leadership Council. Through this drive, we are giving school supplies, advocating for our community to join us in this effort and volunteering our time to assemble the kits.

I hope you will join us by giving, advocating or volunteering in support of our region’s youngest students. Sometimes it just takes telling your family about what you are interested in, inviting a friend to volunteer with you, or asking a neighbor to make a small donation. Find out more details about the drive and join us on April 7th to assembly kits.

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