The purpose of United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg is to mobilize people, multiply investments, and maximize opportunities so people learn more, earn more and lead safe and healthy lives.

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Best wishes to Heather Wells who...

Posted At: 07-25-2014- 2:04 pm

Why an Enterprise-Wide Strategy? 
From the Desk of Evan Hochberg, Chief Strategy Officer, United Way Worldwide United Way
Board Members: Since coming to United Way, I...

Posted At: 07-18-2014- 1:51 pm

Volume 3, Issue 26  


Posted At: 07-11-2014- 11:55 am

Volume 3, Issue 25 


Posted At: 06-27-2014- 2:33 pm

Volume 3, Issue 24 


Posted At: 06-25-2014- 1:57 pm


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