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The third goal of THRIVE is to increase public awareness of financial stability issues and advocate for greater access to financial stability opportunities.  THRIVE utilizes various communications channels to educate and engage community stakeholders, the general public and local decision-makers about the value of promoting financial stability, including a blog.


THRIVE Initiative Launched

This week, the THRIVE Collaborative, led by United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg, awarded its first grants to help families in our region become more financially stable. Check out this article in the Richmond-Times Dispatch to learn more.

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United Way: Charity or Philanthropy? An Historical Perspective

Charity and philanthropy: Would you consider them to be synonymous? Which would you use when describing United Way as an organization? Up until recently, I understood the two words to be the same. By examining the etymology of the two words more closely, however, it becomes clear that there are subtle nuances amongst the two. […]

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Locally Grown Solutions to Hunger in Petersburg

By Betty Hobbs, Director of Community Impact: Southside What can you do about a community full of food deserts? Many people feel this situation is hopeless, and there are no solutions.  However, in Petersburg, a group of knowledgeable, caring folks have demonstrated something can be done to address the shortage of healthy foods in their community. They […]

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Preschool is Real School

Today, Richmond Public Schools opens registration for 3 & 4 year old preschool through its Head Start and Virginia Preschool Initiative Programs. The tagline, “Preschool is Real School,” addresses the ambivalence some adults feel toward early childhood education. Last fall, a Vanderbilt study caused controversy when it revealed that the gains made by a group of Tennessee Head Start students […]

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How Parents Feel about School Attendance

Despite common misconceptions, most parents care about their children’s educational success but often don’t understand the negative consequences of missing school. A recent survey by the Ad Council and California Attorney General’s Office sheds light on how parents really feel about their kids’ school attendance. The survey found that many parents do not fully understand […]

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Making taxes less…taxing.

 If you’re like me, the April 15 tax deadline can raise a lot of different emotions: happiness about getting a refund, anger about owing money to the IRS and uncertainty over completing tax forms. Even with help, filing a tax return can be a daunting task. You’re always worried you might make a mistake and […]

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Kindergarten Registration, circa 1988

When I was five years old, I showed up to for kindergarten orientation at the wrong school. Yep. My parents, both well-educated, working professionals, were new to the community, having moved to the Shenandoah Valley for my dad’s job as a minister the year before. I was their first child and this was their introduction to the public school […]

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Young Leader Spotlight: Jamie Thomson

Jamie Thomson, from MassMutual Financial Group, answers your questions and discusses why she chooses to LIVE UNITED.  Question: What made you want to become involved with United Way and, more specifically, Young Leaders Society? How long have you been a member? Samantha Thurman actually reached out to me right before the inception of YLS and […]

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Doing More with United Way as a Cash Coach

With 138,852 people in our region living in poverty, our community has some real challenges. Like many of you, I want to be part of the solution to help more families achieve financial security. I want to do more than text a $10 donation or join some activist’s facebook group, I want to have a […]

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