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Young man looking over fence at Homeless Point of Entry Commonwealth Catholic Charities

People are resilient, but they face a daily struggle.

Every day, people in the Greater Richmond & Petersburg struggle to overcome the affects of living in poverty, build resilience after experiencing of violence or trauma, or maintain emotional well-being and physical health. The data on poverty paints a stark picture. In our region, 42,000 young people ages 0-17 live in poverty. One in four older adults live at or near the poverty level. From 2000 to 2010, poverty in areas historically not affected by poverty, such as Henrico and Chesterfield, increased by 75%.


One out of four 3rd grade students in our region is not reading on grade level.


On a given night, 730 adults and 88 children in our region are homeless.


More than 35,000 older adults in our region live alone and are at risk of social isolation.