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Latino man teaching young women at Sacred Heart Adult Education program

We can do something about poverty and inequity in our community.

Research & Evaluate

We don’t shy away from data. At United Way, we embrace data and use it to drive our decision-making process. Each year our Research & Evaluation team publishes the Community Indicators Report with data on educational outcomes, economic prosperity, health and social isolation in our community. We use this data to make decisions about funding and to educate the public about the issues facing their neighbors.


We seek out the brightest and the best. Every three years, we invite grant proposals from top-notch health and human service providers across the eleven localities we serve. Groups of volunteers then make decisions about which programs to fund in the areas of education, income, and health. These investments are tracked throughout the year and evaluated annually.


$2.2 million invested in 32 programs.


$972,000 invested in 14 programs.


$902,000 invested in 17 programs.

Partner & Advocate

We see the big picture. You can help one person; we could fund a single program. But our work goes further when we step back to examine larger factors such as public policy, quality, access, or duplication of services that make provision of services less effective or efficient. When we work on both the micro and macro levels, we maximize our resources and multiply our impact. That’s why United Way leads strategic partnerships and advocates to improve human services in our region.

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Give, Advocate, Volunteer

Community change starts with the individual. United Way taps into the collective desire of thousands of people in our community who want to create change, and mobilizes them to give, advocate, and volunteer.

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