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RVA Gives a Darn

By Scott Bennett, United Way Young Leader Society Steering Committee

Young professionals are shaping the way of the future.  They want to get more involved with the community (and they should).  RVA’s rising movers and shakers need to be understood.  They need to be heard.  Our region needs to know what they give a darn about.  Their ideas, beliefs, and actions will pave the road for Richmond in years to come.

Young professionals from around the greater Richmond region were challenged to share what they care about, what drives them, and what action they intend to take.  They met that challenge at one of the popular breweries, Hardywood, for the ‘RVA Gives a Darn’ event.  Local leaders met to network and engage with like-minded individuals.  It was an opportunity to crowd source for new ideas on ways to take action.  It brought in emerging leaders from HYPE, United Way Young Leaders, HandsOn, Capital Region Collaborative, Peter Paul Development Center, and the YMCA.

One young lady shared that she gave a darn about education so she has become a big sister for the Big Brother Big Sister program.  Another young leader gives a darn about homelessness so she volunteers with Caritas.  Some young professionals were even finding ways to connect with the older population because they gives a darn about social isolation, which has proven to negatively affect both mental and physical health.  Some gave broader ideas about caring for their community as a whole and taking action by joining young leader groups to become more involved with RVA.

The overall message was that young leaders care about their community and RVA Gives a Darn. They want to get involved.  They are finding more opportunities to become more engaged.  Groups like the United Way Young Leaders were formed to drive such action.  More and more young professionals are making enormous strides to help push their community towards a brighter tomorrow.  They are making their voice heard and they are taking action.  Check out the pictures here.


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