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lola-sizedMeet Lola.

Lola’s mother passed away in 2013. Lola was left to live in a hectic household of boys with her uncle serving as head of the household to Lola and her three brothers. Lola slowly lost confidence, started acting out in school and began losing friends. In late 2013, Lola’s teacher matched her with several community services like mentoring, counseling and after-school programs. Over the course of the school year, Lola’s academic performance improved and she stopped acting out. While Lola continues to rebound from the devastating loss of her mother, she has demonstrated a newfound confidence in life and learning.

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Thanks to the Community Impact Fund, United Way is creating positive outcomes like Lola’s for thousands of people across our region. Because one program can’t address all the issues a person faces. That’s the power of the Community Impact Fund: the best choice for a better life.

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