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Young Leader Spotlight: Scott Bennett

Scott Bennett, of SwimRVA, takes your questions and shares why he chooses to LIVE UNITED with the United Way Young Leaders Society.

Please share a little bit about yourself. I am a Richmond native.  After graduating High School, I went to Radford University to study Recreation, Parks and Tourism Management.  I graduated in 2008 with my Bachelors.  That same year I bought a house in Christiansburg, VA where I started my first full time job at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center as the Facility Coordinator.  This experience led me to my current position, after four years in Christiansburg, as the Director of Communications for SwimRVA in Richmond.  My wife and two crazy young boys love to be outside as much as possible, unless we are playing a fun nightly game of hide and seek in the house, of which I always win!  I volunteer with several young professional groups in the area and love to connect and engage with other like-minded individuals.  I am excited to be a part of the United Way and look forward to continuing to help further their mission.

What made you want to become involved with United Way and, more specifically, Young Leaders? How long have you been a member?

I became involved with United Way after coming to the first YLS meeting.  I really enjoyed the people and the more I learned about United Way the more I wanted to help.  I believe in the mission and I wanted to give back to help make a stronger community.  I really liked how much passion the leaders of YLS had for giving, serving, and connecting.

Fill in the blank: “If you really knew me, you’d know ____.” I used to be a professional juggler.

The United Way Young Leaders are focused on connecting, serving, giving, and leading. With which do you identify the most? Why? I really identify with connecting the most.  The more connected we are the stronger we can be.  By serving, giving, and leading, together we can unite a community to a brighter future.

When are you the happiest? Spending time with my wife and two crazy boys.

What qualities, talents, or skills do you look forward to contributing to United Way Young Leaders? I hope to bring my passion for nonprofits and my background in communications to better connect the community with resources and opportunities, and help share the great work that United Way does.

Have you attended a conference /workshop /symposium, etc. that left a lasting impression? What about the experience has stayed with you? Lilly School of Philanthropy- great resource for any young leader in non-profits. And, Kivi Lereoux Miller Non-Profit Content Marketing workshop-Kivi is a true leader helping non-profits better communicate their story to help connect communities around the country-very inspiring leaders in group with great discussions and ideas

What is your favorite locally-owned Richmond establishment and why? Cozzollis-best pizza in Richmond-closed down a couple years ago.

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