Young Leader Spotlight: Wendy Jiang | United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg
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Young Leader Spotlight: Wendy Jiang

Wendy Jiang, who is in project management at Essentra, takes your questions and shares why she chooses to LIVE UNITED with the United Way Young Leaders Society.

Question: What made you want to become involved with United Way? How long have you been a member of United Way Young Leaders Society? I want to be more involved in giving back to the community, with United Way I am able to contribute to multiple causes that I care about. I feel very lucky to have been provided with the opportunities that I’ve had in life, and want to help with connecting others in need with the same kinds of opportunities. I am a new member of YLS, having joined at the end of June.

Fill in the blank: “If you really knew me, you’d know ____.” That I have so many questions about the world and that my favorite yum is anything spicy.

When are you the happiest? When I complete my to-do list, knowing I’ve helped others, and when I am with friends and family.

What qualities, talents, or skills do you look forward to contributing to the Young Leaders Society? I look forward to working with others in coming up with ideas, plans, and activities that will help people in need.

What is your favorite locally-owned establishment in our region and why? Foo dog! Their noodles are the best. They make them spicy. The Sake and Soju are the icing on the cake.

If you ruled the world, what would you change on Day 1? I would allocate funds to increase education coverage for youth.

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