Bouncing Back from COVID-19

Before leading your team, make sure to check in with yourself.  Know your own stressors and acknowledge when you need to take a break.  Once you’ve done that, use these tips to create a supportive work culture during this stressful time.   

Build Strong Relationships

  • Model vulnerability. 
  • Build one-on-one relationships with weekly check-in calls. 
  • Know where to find resources for your team.   
  • Share resources and connections openly. 
  • Regularly check in with furloughed employees.  Read more from the US Chamber. 

Stay Calm as a Team/Organization 

  • Take effective breaks—the best breaks involve movement, social interaction, outdoors and fully detaching from work and technology. Even two or three minutes is better than nothing.  
  • Share resources for staff to access positive coping strategies.   
  • Include stress management techniques in team meetings. Do you work with a yoga instructor, mindfulness coach or Zumba teacher? Include mini-sessions in your team meetings.  
  • Use a self-assessment tool to measure compassion fatigue and burnout.  Check out the ProQOL5 here. 
  • Encourage staff wellness through policies. 
  • Coach your team to create positive meaning, but watch out for “toxic positivity”   

Grow & Learn in New Ways

  • Help employees discover professional development opportunities if they can’t accomplish their typical work. 
  • Encourage your team to develop and share their professional strengths and interests with one another. 
  • Look at the policies and practices you develop during this time as an opportunity to grow as an organization. What is working? What is useful? How will you transition beyond COVID19 in a meaningful way for your organization?  
  • Use the freedom from the typical environment to create and do the things you haven’t been able to do in the past as an organization.   

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