Self-Care During COVID-19

Service providers and frontline workers are under a tremendous amount of stress due to the effects of COVID-19. Fear, anxiety, exhaustion, headaches, overeating, lethargy, high blood pressure, inability to concentrate and a quick temper are just a few normal signs you may be experiencing. Check in with yourself to maintain the calm presence needed to best serve clients. Check out the tips below. 

  Prioritize healthy boundaries and positive relationships. 

  • Develop a realistic schedule and routine you can keep during this time. Make sure to include the basics—enough sleep, time to eat healthy foods, physical activity . 
  • Take breaks as you need them; accept that you may need more now than you did before. 
  • Be realistic and graceful in your expectations for yourself, your family, your clients, etc.  
  • Connect with the people you love daily, even if only through text.  
  • Laugh and find something to enjoy in each day.   

  Stay calm and reconnect with yourself.  

  • Acknowledge when a client’s experience is triggering your own fear or anxiety.  Take a breath and clear your mind.  When you’ve completed your client interaction, check in with yourself.  Call a trusted friend or colleague to regroup if needed.  
  • Be honest if you’re overwhelmed.  Ask your supervisor or coworkers for support.  
  • Be active in whatever way works for you: take walks, ride a bike, jog. 
  • Listen to music, meditate, dance. 
  • Find a hobby that encourages focus (puzzles, legos, coloring, etc.). 
  • Read a good book or re-read a favorite book. 
  • Journal or write a short story. 

Believe in yourself and your abilities.

  • Acknowledge your strengths: make a list of 10 things you’re great at. 
  • Avoid self-criticism: This experience is new and challenging for everyone. 
  • Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn, do or try that you could accomplish now? Consider setting aside time to learn a new hobby or discover new interests.    
  • Post positive affirmations or encouraging quotes where you’ll remember them often. 

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