Alexis de Tocqueville Society

Exemplify what collective community leadership can achieve.

When you become a member of the Alexis de Tocqueville Society, you join an elite group of local leaders dedicated to creating positive change and fueling high-impact work in the Greater Richmond and Petersburg region for years to come.

Become part of this remarkable group that understands how generosity today impacts the generations of tomorrow.

Staying Connected

Exclusive events and opportunities will connect you with like-minded peers dedicated to the community and powerful change. United Way hosts an annual Alexis de Tocqueville Society event in the fall with the topic varying year to year. Alexis de Tocqueville members are also invited to all Leadership Circle and general United Way events, including Leadership Luncheons and the Steps to Success Awards.

2019 Alexis de Tocqueville Event: The Future of Philanthropy

Last fall, United Way Alexis de Tocqueville and Young Leaders Society members were able to come together for a cocktail party at the home of 2018-19 board chair Dan Hudgens. Attendees were able to network with United Way supporters and discuss the impact and importance of United Way’s giving communities.

2018 Alexis de Tocqueville Event: The Role of a Unifying Entity in a Nation Divided

In fall 2018, Alexis de Tocqueville members attended an intimate lunchtime conversation with one of Virginia’s most well-known and respected historians, Dr. Edward L. Ayers. Dr Ayers explored parallels related to divisiveness in our country between the 1860s and today and the importance of a unifying entity like United Way.

Women United

Women United is a giving community for female members of United Way’s Leadership Circle and Alexis de Tocqueville Society. In 2019, we launched our new Women United Steps to Success Socials. To learn more about Women United, contact Samantha McCabe at

Alexis de Tocqueville Society Giving Levels

  • Membres de la Sociéty: $10,000-24,999
  • Ordre de Liberté: $25,000-49,999
  • Ordre d’Egalité: $50,000-74,999
  • Ordre de Fraternité: $75,000-99,999
  • La Société Nationale: $100,000-249,999

For more information on the Alexis de Tocqueville Society and to become a member, contact:

Samantha McCabe 
Director of Major Gifts
United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg 

The Tocqueville Telegraph

Alexis de Tocqueville Society members receive The Tocqueville Telegraph, a quarterly newsletter which provides exclusive and timely information for members. If you are an Alexis de Tocqueville member and do not receive it, please contact Samantha McCabe at .