Agency Q&A: Peter Paul Development Center

United Way works with 40+ local and regional nonprofit agencies to tackle each of our nine Steps to SuccessGet to know these agencies and learn about their partnership with United Way. We invited Stephanie D. Bassett, Ed. D., Director of Education at Peter Paul Development Center, to tell us about her work.
Tell us about your current role and your professional background.

I proudly serve as Director of Education for Peter Paul Development Center, located in the City’s East End. As an educator for 19 years, I started my career as a classroom teacher at Fairfield Court Elementary School. After serving as a classroom teacher for eight years with Richmond Public Schools, I transitioned through building level and central office administration in neighboring school divisions. Every day, I work to provide new opportunities to support students in becoming successful.

What is Peter Paul Development Center’s mission?

Our mission at Peter Paul is to support the residents of the East End and educate its students, equipping them to serve as positive contributors to their family, community and society.

How does Peter Paul Development Center support the Third Grade Reading component of United Way’s Steps to Success?

In addition to our after-school program, Peter Paul supports the Third Grade Reading component through our Summer Promise program. As school begins to wind down, we are gearing up for the summer. Our Summer Promise program provides students with eight weeks of academic, enrichment, and recreational opportunities. During Summer Promise, the morning has an academic focus where students can gain remediation and enrichment for both reading and math. The afternoon session has a target of STEM activities and recreation.

What do you think is the biggest value United Way brings to this area?

United Way provides opportunities for public and nonprofit organizations to hold open dialogue and develop partnerships around supporting the community. Peter Paul’s history is rooted in creating collaborative efforts to strengthen its community. Through support from the United Way, Peter Paul provides our youth and families with tools to set them on a path to thrive and reach their potential. In addition, we also appreciate the grant support from the United Way, which makes our impact possible.

In your opinion, as a former educator, what are some of the most effective ways for schools and nonprofits to work together?

Many schools within the service area of the United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg are in need of support to increase student success. Student success does not only hinge upon what takes place in the classroom. As a nonprofit, we are able to not only support public school initiatives by expanding the depth of service, but also able to go an additional step by providing family resources.

What project or initiative has you most excited for the future?

Many changes are occurring right now in the East End. With new opportunities and resources, this will allow Peter Paul to develop more collaborative partnerships while continuing our goal of strengthening the community. As we continue to grow, partnerships are critical to creating a unified community of support.

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