United Way Announces 2018-19 Community Investments

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$4.2 million in funding will support 73 human services programs throughout the region

September 6, 2018 – United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg announced its 2018-19 community investments, which deliver a total of $4.2 million to 73 programs at 51 regional nonprofit organizations.

These investments are aligned with United Way’s Steps to Success framework, which identifies nine milestones on the path to prosperity and provides a set of indicators to track our region’s progress in each area. All funded programs demonstrated a clear plan for improving the lives of people in our region and showed how they plan to track the effectiveness of their work using the Steps to Success indicators.

“These grants represent United Way’s commitment to improving the region in a number of important and interconnected areas,” James Taylor, United Way’s president and CEO. “If a family can’t afford safe housing, it will be difficult for their children to succeed in school. These challenges are all related, and they require specific strategies and solutions. I am pleased to support these fantastic agencies as they work to provide critical services and drive real change in each of our nine Steps to Success.”

United Way invested in as many as 16 programs in each of the nine Steps to Success. The specific breakdown is below.

Steps to Success Supported Programs Total Investment
Basic Needs Met: Food, Safety & Housing 14 $953,000
Born Healthy 3 $495,000
Prepared for Kindergarten 8 $445,000
Grade-level Reading by 3rd Grade 6 $344,000
Middle School Engagement 9 $419,000
High School Graduation 7 $280,000
College- or Career-Ready 4 $144,000
Financial Well-being 6 $320,000
Connected & Healthy Older Adults 16 $800,000
TOTAL 73 $4,200,000

A full list of supported programs and investment amounts can be found here.

About United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg

United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg empowers individuals and addresses systemic problems to provide everyone with a clear path to success. We do this by conducting research, funding programs and organizations, driving systems-level change and engaging with individuals in 11 localities across the region. Learn more at YourUnitedWay.org.