United Way Launches Kindergarten Countdown Camp

RICHMOND, Va. (August 26, 2019) – United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg today announced a new program to help prepare young children in our region to succeed in kindergarten.

United Way’s Kindergarten Countdown Camp is a free summer learning program for rising kindergarten students with limited or no preschool experience. Taught by licensed teachers, Kindergarten Countdown Camp prepares students and their parents for a successful start in kindergarten. While at Camp, students receive breakfast and lunch, a new book each week, passes to a museum and a backpack full of school supplies.

Students that begin kindergarten without the necessary skills will struggle to hit crucial milestones, including reading by third grade and graduating high school on time. United Way’s Kindergarten Countdown Camp prepares young students to meet these benchmarks by making sure they start kindergarten ready to learn and succeed.

  • View the data from our 2019 Kindergarten Countdown Camp in Dinwiddie, VA.
  • Read the story about how Kindergarten Countdown Camp changed the start of school for one parent and her twins.

Want to host or sponsor a Kindergarten Countdown Camp?

United Way’s first Kindergarten Countdown Camp was held in July 2019 at Southside Elementary School in Dinwiddie, Va.

We are currently planning our schedule of 2020 Kindergarten Countdown Camps. If you would like to host a Kindergarten Countdown Camp in your area or help fund this initiative, please contact:

Leanne Lytle
Director of Community Impact