Spotlight: Born Healthy

The path to prosperity begins at birth. Children must be born into safe homes with families who are socially, emotionally and financially prepared to care for them.

January 2018 – United Way’s Steps to Success framework focuses on nine critical milestones on the path to prosperity. This month, we’re focusing on the Born Healthy Step. We invite you to learn more about this important issue.

Expert Insights

United Way’s Rebekah Holbrook wrote an article about the importance of healthy births and how communities across the region are tackling this issue.

Program Spotlight

Learn about our Petersburg Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, which has contributed to a significant decline in teen pregnancies since 2009.

Supported Agencies

Hear from leaders at two of our funded partners whose work supports the Born Healthy Step: Amy Strite (Family Lifeline) and Angela Woodley Crawley (Quin Rivers).

Born Healthy: By the Numbers

Dive deep into the data about this critical issue by reading the Born Healthy section of our 2017-18 Indicators of Community Strength report (and click here to view the full report with data about all nine Steps to Success).

Support Our Work

Want to support United Way and help ensure babies are born healthy? Make a donation today! Use the “Investment Options” tool to direct your donation to support the Born Healthy Step to Success.