Spotlight: College- or Career-ready

As they continue their education or enter the workforce, young people need access to skills and training that enable them to secure and maintain gainful employment with a living wage.

October 2019 – United Way’s Steps to Success framework focuses on nine critical milestones on the path to prosperity. This month we’re focusing on the College-or Career-ready Step.

Initiatives & Programs

The Workforce Partnership Team brings together local leaders and workforce professionals to remove barriers to employment and help everyone in our region secure a steady, sustainable job with a livable wage.

Staff Insights

Workforce Partnership Team Q&A

Anna Danese, United Way’s Director of Workforce Partnership, shares information about herself, her new role and what you can expect from the Workforce Partnership Team in the coming year. Read more.

Pathways to Success

College- and Career-ready pathways start and finish in the same places. The journey just looks a little different. Learn about the different pathways you can take!

By The Numbers

Our new online data hub tracks data related to college- or career-ready. Indicators include labor market participation, educational attainment, FAFSA completion, higher education enrollment and industry recognized credentials. Learn more and see how our region is doing.

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