Spotlight: College- or Career-ready

As they continue their education or enter the workforce, young people need access to skills and training that enable them to secure and maintain gainful employment with a living wage.

October 2018 – United Way’s Steps to Success framework focuses on nine critical milestones on the path to prosperity. This month, we’re focusing on the College- or Career-ready Step.

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Do you want to help young people prepare to enter the workforce? Join United Way in providing local students with resume preparation assistance as well as job interview practice and training. Learn more and sign up today!

Local Spotlight

Angel Wright is United Way’s Associate on Loan from Publix Supermarkets. Meet Angel and see her discuss her college and career journey.

New Resources Available

College- and Career-ready pathways start and finish in the same places. The journey just looks a little different. Learn about the different pathways you can take!

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