Born Healthy

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The path to prosperity begins at birth. Children must be born into safe homes with families who are socially, emotionally and financially prepared to care for them.

Parents know that keeping a child safe and healthy is no small task, and doing so begins well before birth. A child’s healthy beginning depends on quality prenatal care. It continues after birth with pediatric care and a safe and healthy home environment with families that are prepared to support young children. Keeping our youngest children healthy is particularly important for the economic stability of lower-income families.

If we are going to build a stronger community, we must start at the beginning.

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What We Do

United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg funds programs that support mothers, families and children. We support home visitation and parenting education programs that ensure children are living in safe and healthy homes. Simultaneously, we work with school districts, local government agencies and the general public to address the issue from all sides.

Spotlight on Success

We work directly with the Petersburg Department of Health to implement a program to address teen pregnancy in the city. By working with students in schools as well as families, we successfully have reduced teen pregnancies in Petersburg by 54 percent since 2009. Click here to learn more.

How You Can Help

  • Donate. Give to United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg. Let us know you want your gift to help ensure babies are born healthy.
  • Volunteer. Want to lend your time to supporting these efforts? Send us an email and we will help match you with the right opportunity. Or visit our Events page to see our existing opportunities.