College- or Career-ready

As they continue their education or enter the workforce, young people need access to skills and training that enable them to secure and maintain gainful employment with a living wage.

For most, the goal after high school is to secure a job that will provide income and serve as the starting point for a career. Some enter the workforce immediately after high school, while others continue their education in college or pursue a credential. Many people continue their education and work at the same time. However, too many residents in this region are falling behind on that journey and finding themselves without the skills or training needed to secure and maintain a job.

While there are many routes to take, the goal is the same. Without a stable job and sustainable income, residents will struggle to maintain financial stability and provide a safe and healthy living environment for themselves and their families.

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Hear from local leaders about their work that supports the College- or Career-ready Step.

What We Do

United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg works to bridge the gap between high school graduation and the beginning of a career or pursuit of post-secondary degree or credential. We fund programs that focus on career-readiness and post-graduation planning, help graduates understand the path to a career and provide them with the supports needed to succeed on their journey.

  • The Workforce Partnership Team brings together local leaders and workforce professionals to remove barriers to employment and help everyone in our region secure a steady, sustainable job with a livable wage.

How You Can Help

  • Donate to United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg. Let us know you want your gift to help increase college- or career-readiness.
  • VolunteerWant to lend your time to supporting these efforts? Send us an email and we will help match you with the right opportunity. Or visit our Events page to see our existing opportunities.