In the Greater Richmond and Petersburg region, 81,007 adults are currently without health insurance. This includes 3,111 children under the age of six.

Access to health care coverage is one of the top concerns for people in our region. Unfortunately, too many residents are facing financial hardship and are forced to choose between getting the medicine they need and covering basic expenses like food, rent and utilities. 

That is why we partner with inSourceRx to offer a free prescription discount card. This partnership is helping us increase access to healthcare and ensure all community members get the medicine they need at a price they can afford.

Get Your Card

Who can use the prescription discount card?

The inSourceRx prescription drug discount cards are available to everyone in the community, regardless of insurance coverage status. There are no usage, age or income limits. 

How does it work?

Using the discount card is easy. Simply enter your city, state or zip to find pharmacies near you who honor the inSourceRx Prescription Savings Card. Show the card to the pharmacist with your prescription and an instant discount is applied to the prescription medicine. The card provides savings up to 80% on medications for you, family members and even pets! 

How do I get a card? 

You can receive your inSourceRx card by printing it at home, via text message, via email or by mail. Request your card by clicking here. Once you have your card, take it to one of the 60,000 participating pharmacies to begin saving immediately.   

To learn more about the inSourceRx United Way Prescription Drug Card, click here.