Virtual Kindergarten Countdown Camp

In 2019, United Way’s pilot Kindergarten Countdown Camp helped nearly 20 young children with little or no preschool experience start kindergarten confident and ready to learn.
This year, we plan to build on our success in 2019 while making sure students and families can stay healthy. That’s why we’re hosting virtual Kindergarten Countdown Camp.

Our virtual Kindergarten Countdown Camp will run from July 6-30 and will include the same elements that made last year’s camp so successful. From weekly workshops with parents to new books and supplies for students, this program will help more young children prepare for the school year ahead — something that is particularly important during this period of uncertainty.

Who can participate?

Our virtual Kindergarten Countdown Camp is designed for students and families in Dinwiddie County. Certain hands-on aspects of the program, such as virtual office hours with teachers and school supplies, are only available for families in Dinwiddie who registered prior to July 1.

However, the resources below are available and free for anyone to use. We encourage families across our service area to take advantage of these tools to help your young child prepare for kindergarten.

Camp Materials


Jeanine Mowbray
Director of Community Impact
United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg