United Way Literacy Kits

Early learning resources are critical to ensuring kids in the Greater Richmond & Petersburg region are ready for kindergarten and reading at grade-level by third grade.

United Way is committed to helping young children in our region meet these crucial Steps to Success. Our year-round Literacy Kit efforts ensure students and families have access to resources that empower them around school readiness and literacy.

Throughout the year, United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg collects and assembles thousands of Literacy Kits that are distributed to students in our region. Each kit includes school supplies, an age-appropriate book and information for families so students can be prepared for kindergarten and reading at grade-level by third grade.

Download our Literacy Kit Overview document here.

What’s included in a United Way Literacy Kit?

A new, age-appropriate book, school supplies and information to empower families around school readiness and literacy.

How many kits will United Way distribute?

United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg hopes to distribute more than 2,000 Literacy Kits to rising kindergartners and their families on Kindergarten Registration Day and throughout the year to early elementary students.

What’s the deadline for turning in Literacy Kits?

The deadline for this year’s Literacy Kit Drive is March 1, 2022. Contact volunteer@yourunitedway.org to schedule a donation drop-off.

August 2021

  • Literacy Kit Kick-Off – United Way begins another year of raising and distributing kits for young learners throughout our region.
  • Literacy Kit Drive Meet-Up – Volunteers join United Way virtually to learn more about raising supplies for Literacy Kits.

March 2022

  • March 1 – Donation Deadline – Completed Literacy Kits must be dropped off to United Way by March 1, 2022.

April 2022

  • Literacy Kit Delivery – Volunteers deliver Literacy Kits to schools around the region on Kindergarten Registration Day.

  • Literacy Kit Drives – Volunteers collect books and school supplies for their own drives, which are then assembled into Literacy Kits.
  • Literacy Kit Assembly – United Way coordinates and facilitates groups of volunteers on-site and off-site to assemble more than 2,000 Literacy Kits.
  • School Year Distributions – Early elementary students at schools throughout the region receive kits at various times throughout the year.

  • Host a Literacy Kit Drive. Bring together friends, neighbors or colleagues to raise supplies and books and assemble them into Literacy Kits. Our toolkit makes it easy to plan your drive, garner support, communicate the need and increase the impact of your efforts. Click here for ideas and tools to help get you started.
  • Become a Literacy Kit Leader. Any group donating 100 completed kits or $1,000 will be recognized as a Literacy Kit Leader. Learn more about being recognized as a Literacy Kit Leader.
  • Donate completed kits. Contributing United Way Literacy Kits is fun, easy and can be done from home. Use our supply list to collect and assemble the necessary items.
  • Volunteer with us. United Way Literacy Kits are a year-round effort. We are always recruiting volunteers to help with upcoming phases. Keep an eye on this page for announcements or email volunteer@yourunitedway.org to learn more.