Virtual YPQI (2020-21)

This year, United Way’s Richmond YPQI program will look and feel different as we adjust to accommodate the uncertainty and stress that organizations face during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Virtual YPQI program launched on November 5, 2020.  Here’s what’s different this year:  

  • We’ve gone virtual. All trainings, coaching office hours, etc. will be online. 
  • We reduced the cost per site. We know that the full YPQI process may not be affordable in this current economic climate. To reduce the strain on youth serving organizations, we adjusted the program and set the cost at $200 per site for the entire year. 
  • We changed the structure of the YPQI process to help keep everyone safe and make sure we adhere to public health guidelines. 
  • We removed the external assessment component of YPQI, which will minimize in-person contact and reduce stress on, and additional work for, staff and managers. 
  • We moved the assessment phase to the spring. Previously this step was in the fall, but we believe that moving it to the spring will reduce stress and workload for staff and managers at participating YPQI sites. 
  • We added virtual coaching office hours. After each training, we will give sites a week or two to try out the new skill that they’ve learned. Then, we will offer virtual office hours for partners to join and chat with a certified coach about questions, problems, issues, etc. 
  • We added optional peer support virtual coffees. We know the value of networking and thought partnership, so we added a program to help partners connect with peers. 

Calendar Details

Our Virtual YPQI program will consist of three phases, beginning in November 2020 and running through June 2021. Learn more about individual phases below.  

During the Planning Phase, sites establish goals with clear action steps and benchmarks for success. 

November 2– February 5 

  • Trainings: 
  • Kickoff Training: SEL for Managers 
  • Methods Training: Building Community 
  • Methods Training: Active-Participatory Approach 
  • Methods Training: Structure and Clear Limits 
  • Methods Training: Ask-Listen-Encourage 
  • Methods Training: Active Learning 

Throughout the Improve Phase, YPQI staff provide coaching and training to help programs meet the goals identified during the Plan Phase. 

February 8 – April 9 

  • Trainings: 
  • Weikart Training: PQA Basics+ 
  • Methods Training: Youth Voice 
  • Methods Training: Cooperative Learning 
  • Weikart Training: Planning with Data 

Programs close out with the Assess Phase which includes self-assessment and intentional reflection on successes and opportunities for growth in the coming year. 

April 12 – June 11 

  • Trainings:  
  • Methods Training: Planning and Reflection 
  • Methods Training: Reframing Conflict 
  • Methods Training: Homework Help 

Responding to COVID-19 

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on everyone in our community. We are committed to delivering our YPQI program in a safe, healthy and effective manner during this difficult time. Learn more about how our local United Way is responding to the pandemic.  


For more information about Richmond YPQI and to register for Virtual YPQI, contact United Way’s Frank Cardella (  

For Participants 

Virtual YPQI participants use Basecamp’s collaboration tools to share information and connect with program resources.