Our Partners

Nonprofit Partners

United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg works closely with nonprofit agencies throughout the region. We are a major funder of grant support to more than 40 local organizations, providing millions of dollars annually to a range of agencies working on the front lines to create lasting change in neighborhoods throughout the region. We also support dozens of other agencies with research, best practices and other strategic initiatives. Click here to see a list of agencies supported by United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg in the 2016-2017 funding cycle.

We are proud of our many other nonprofit relationships throughout the community. Our hand-in-glove work with VCU in support of Bridging Richmond is helping improve infant-to-elder education and workforce readiness, and our support for MetroCASH is helping individuals and families on the road to greater prosperity.

Business Partners

For many companies in Central Virginia, the United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg’s workplace campaigns have become the primary way they give back to the community. Today, more than 500 local businesses, big and small, open the door to United Way directly to their employees, making it easy to donate through payroll deductions or one-time gifts.

It’s easy to start a workplace campaign at your office. Click here for more information.

Want to contribute to United Way but not part of a workplace campaign? Make a corporate donation today.