This school year, the Steps to Success start with you. Learn how you can help make this school year a success for children throughout our region.

Back-to-School: Kindergarten

Being prepared for kindergarten is critical to success in school and later in life. Learn why.

Back-to-School: Elementary School

Up to third grade, kids learn to read. After third grade, they read to learn. Read more about the importance of grade-level reading by third grade.

Back-to-School: Middle School

This school year, keeping middle school students engaged starts with you. Learn more.

Back-to-School: High School

New school year, same goal: Graduate high school on time. Learn why this milestone is so important and how we can help every student get there.

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Steps for a Successful School Year

There are four key milestones on the path to success in education. Learn more about each one and how we are working to ensure all students are successful.

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Helping Your School, Helping Your Community

We all have a part to play in making sure young learners are ready for the new school year. Read more about what you can do to help your school and help community.

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Preparing for a New School Year

We talked to educators in our region about what parents and children can do to be prepared for a new school year. Read their thoughts.

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