June Spotlight: Third Grade Reading

This month, we're focusing on third grade reading. Learn more about the issue and what we're doing to help.

Solving the Attendance Equation

United Way's Audrey Trussell explains why attendance matters and how the Petersburg City and Schools Partnership is tackling the issue.

Family Literacy Q&A

The path to literacy begins at home. How can parents and families help a child learn to read? What should they do if their child is struggling?

Preparing to Educate

As students prepare to read, how do educators prepare to teach? We talked to VCU’s Joan Rhodes to learn about teacher prep and literacy instruction.

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ICYMI: High School Graduation

Catch up on United Way's news from May, when we highlighted our efforts to promote high school graduation. Learn about this important issue and what we're doing to help.

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Agency Spotlight: YMCA of Greater Richmond

We talked with Betsy Peters from YMCA of Greater Richmond to learn more about their work in early literacy and how it supports third grade reading.

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Now Available: New Summer Learning Report

We worked with the National Summer Learning Association to conduct a landscape assessment of summer learning programs in the Richmond region.

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