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Our new data page tracks more than 40 indicators related to our nine Steps to Success. View the latest metrics, track year-over-year trends and sort data by locality to see where our region has made progress and where we still face challenges.

Spotlight: Basic Needs & Financial Well-being

This holiday season, we are focusing on two important and interconnected Steps to Success: Basic Needs and Financial Well-being.

Youth Housing Stability Coalition

The Youth Housing Stability Coalition launched in 2017 with the goal of reducing homelessness and housing instability among youth ages 14-24 in the region.

Holiday Volunteer Opportunities

The holiday season is approaching, and that means many of us will be filled with the desire to give the gift of time by volunteering at local charities. Learn more about volunteer opportunities in our region this holiday season.

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Staff Insights: Smart Holiday Spending

Budgeting around the holidays can be difficult. We have put together a list of tips to help you make smart budget decisions this holiday season.

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Children's Home Society of Virginia

Children's Home Society of Virginia's Foster Care Adoption program finds permanent, loving homes for 700+ children in Virginia's foster care system.

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Staff Insights: Saving Your Tax Refund

Many of us incur debt during the holidays and plan to pay it off using a tax refund in the spring. Get more information on why this is not a good idea.

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