United Way Launches WomenRise

United Way is excited to announce WomenRise, a scholarship program that empowers single mothers to work toward a post-secondary degree or credential without the burden of childcare expenses. Read more about WomenRise and find out how you can contribute.

Justice's Bright Future

Meet Justice, a five-month old who was struggling with eating and muscle development, until her pediatrician recommended SOAR365’s pediatric therapy program, funded by United Way. Read more about Justice and the work United Way is doing in support of Kindergarten Readiness.

Supporting Students During COVID-19

Our local United Way has been working throughout the pandemic to provide education resources to young learners and families in our region. While there is no substitute for classroom learning, our work has helped more students stay on track during this incredibly difficult period. Read more about our efforts to support young students.

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COVID-19 Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to direct you to trustworthy, accurate information about services in our area and highlight additional reputable resources for navigating this challenging time as successfully as possible.

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Start Up for Success

Start Up for Success provides aspiring entrepreneurs with social capital, training, coaching, and start-up funding needed to bring their ideas to life and lead economic development in their community.

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Network2Work RVA

Network2Work RVA is a platform that helps make stable employment more accessible to job seekers in our region and provides them with resources to assist in their search for a reliable, living-wage job.

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