July Spotlight: Connected & Healthy Older Adults

This month, we're focusing on keeping older adults connected and healthy. Learn more about the issue and what we're doing to help.

Agency Q&A: Circle Center

We talked with Amy Bodman from Circle Center Adult Day Services to learn more about their work and how they are supporting older adults in our region.

Literacy Kit Kickoff

Our Literacy Kit Kickoff ensures that we are able to give literacy kits to all rising kindergarten students that might need them! Learn more and join us in August!

Age Wave: A History of Leadership

United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg has a long history of serving older adults in our region. Learn more about our involvement with the Age Wave Coalition.

Agency Q&A: project:HOMES

project:HOMES believes in improving lives by improving homes. Learn more about what they are doing to help older adults in our region.

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ICYMI: Third Grade Reading

Catch up on United Way's news from June, when we highlighted our work in the Third Grade Reading Step. Learn about this important issue and what we're doing to help.

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Agency Q&A: Jewish Family Services

Wendy Kreuter, Chief Executive Officer at Jewish Family Services, shared more information about their work supporting older adults in our region.

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A Recipe for a Connected Community

The Social Isolation Risk Index is how the Greater Richmond Age Wave is looking to address social isolation and social connectedness in the Richmond metro area. Learn more.

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