Celeste Anderson Celeste Anderson

Celeste Anderson

Processing Manager, EnergyShare Program

Tyler Burgess Tyler Burgess

Tyler Burgess

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Aimee Bushman Aimee Bushman

Aimee Bushman

Volunteer Coordinator

Frank Cardella Frank Cardella

Frank Cardella

Director of Community Impact

Cara Cardotti Cara Cardotti

Cara Cardotti

Director of Tax Assistance Programs

Samantha Charlet Samantha Charlet

Samantha Charlet

Director of Resource Development

Anna Danese Anna Danese

Anna Danese

Director of Workforce Partnerships

Lara Dodd Lara Dodd

Lara Dodd

Programs & Administration Coordinator

Grace Draper Grace Draper

Grace Draper

Campaign Manager

Ellie Dudding Ellie Dudding

Ellie Dudding

Campaign Manager

Josh Epps Josh Epps

Josh Epps

Senior Director of Resource Development

Heather Farber Heather Farber

Heather Farber

Manager of Leadership Giving

Kim Green Kim Green

Kim Green

Systems Administrator & EnergyShare Assistant

Natasha Henderson

Accounts Payable and Payroll Coordinator

Haley Herrmann

Digital & Visual Communications Manager

Paul Hunter Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter


Bhuvana Iyer Bhuvana Iyer

Bhuvana Iyer

EnergyShare Coordinator

Leanne Lytle Leanne Lytle

Leanne Lytle

Director of Community Impact

Michael Mallett Michael Mallett

Michael Mallett

Senior Director of Research & Evaluation

Samantha McCabe Samantha McCabe

Samantha McCabe

Director of Major Gifts

Angela Otto Angela Otto

Angela Otto

Vice President of Programs & Administration

Leanne Petroziello Leanne Petroziello

Leanne Petroziello

Community Impact Coordinator

Shelia Pleasants Shelia Pleasants

Shelia Pleasants

Director of Resource Development

Lori Rowley-Hurley Lori Rowley-Hurley

Lori Rowley-Hurley

Director of Donor Data Operations

Pat Steward-Rogers Pat Steward-Rogers

Pat Steward-Rogers

Accounts Receivable Manager

Altise Street Altise Street

Altise Street

Community Engagement Manager

James L.M. Taylor James L.M. Taylor

James L.M. Taylor

President & CEO

Audrey Trussell Audrey Trussell

Audrey Trussell

Vice President of Community Impact

Laura Valdrighi Laura Valdrighi

Laura Valdrighi

Front Desk Coordinator

Brian Wachur Brian Wachur

Brian Wachur

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Emily Watkins Emily Watkins

Emily Watkins

Senior Director of Strategic Engagement

April Wilson April Wilson

April Wilson

Tax Assistance Coordinator