United Way Announces Funding for New Greater Richmond ARC Site

The new location will provide care for approximately 150 individuals and families previously served by A Grace Place, which closed in March.

Spotlight: Prepared for Kindergarten

This month, we're focusing on being kindergarten readiness. Learn more about the issue and what we're doing to help.

Agency Q&A: Greater Richmond ARC

As with any health concern, developmental delays or disabilities in young children can be more effectively treated the earlier they’re detected. John Walker shares some insight in this area.

Early Education: A Partnership for Success

United Way’s Shelia Pleasants spent 14 years running an early childhood education program in Richmond. Read her thoughts on this important topic.

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ICYMI: Middle School Engagement

Catch up on United Way's news from March, when we highlighted our work in the Middle School Engagement Step. Learn about this important issue and what we're doing to help.

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What is PALS-K and what does it tell us?

Smart Beginnings Greater Richmond has tracked a kindergarten literacy screening indicator known as PALS-K over the years. What does this indicator mean for school readiness?

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Children's Health Insurance Q&A

If a young child is not receiving appropriate medical care and is not healthy, it is difficult for that child to be prepared for kindergarten. We talked to Margaret Nimmo Holland, Executive Director of Voices for Virginia's Children, to learn more.

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