Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Become a literacy kit leader

Demonstrate your commitment
to early literacy.

Early learning resources are critical to ensuring kids are ready for kindergarten and reading at grade-level by third grade. We need the support of Literacy Kit Leaders to distribute thousands of kits to young learners in our region. A Literacy Kit Leader is any group that donates at least 100 completed kits or $1,500 to help our Literacy Kit efforts. Many companies use this as an opportunity to engage employees around an important cause and promote their effort to improve the community.

Benefits of being a Literacy Kit Leader

As a Literacy Kit Leader, you will receive:

1. Your group name and organization logo on printed materials inside United Way Literacy Kits

2. Your group name and organization logo featured on our website

3. A shout-out in our newsletter which reaches more than 20,000 community members

4. A shout-out on United Way’s social media pages

2022-23 PROCESS

If your donation is received between September 2022 and June 2023, your name/logo recognition will be in Kits that are distributed between September 2023 and June 2024. If your group anticipates reaching Literacy Kit Leader recognition level after the last donation deadline, please inform the Volunteer Manager in advance to ensure inclusion of your logo in Literacy Kit materials. To see our current timeline, visit

A special thanks to our 2023-24 Literacy Kit Leaders

A special thanks to our 2022-23 Literacy Kit Leaders

Becoming a Literacy Kit Leader

Contact us for more support on being a Literacy Kit Leader.