Workforce Coalition RVA

Connecting job seekers, employers and service providers to build a stronger workforce.

Securing a steady, sustainable job with a livable wage is a critical element of many of United Way’s Steps to Success, including Basic NeedsCollege- and Career-Readiness and Financial Well-Being. Unfortunately, many Richmond residents face obstacles that prevent them from landing and maintaining a sustainable job. Many others are underemployed with limited options for moving up.  

We want to remove these barriers and help everyone in our region find a path to success. One of the ways we do this is by serving on the WorkforceCoalitionRVA. The WorkforceCoalitionRVA is responsible for bringing Network2Work RVA to our region.

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The WorkforceCoalitionRVA is a partnership between United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg, Capital Region Workforce Partnership, ChamberRVA, Community College Workforce Alliance and the City of Richmond’s Office of Community Wealth Building supported by Community Foundation for a greater Richmond. The coalition has two main goals: 

  • Connect prepared job seekers with living wage jobs and opportunities for career progression; and 
  • Provide a reliable pipeline of skilled workers for high demand fields such as health care, manufacturing and logistics, construction and trades, and information technology.

Network2WorkRVA is a platform that helps make stable employment more accessible to job seekers in our region. By creating individualized career pathways for each job seeker, Network2WorkRVA connects people in our community to resources that will support them in their search for a reliable, living-wage job. Network2WorkRVA also connects employers to job seekers who have the skills and resources needed to fill vital roles within companies.

First, we work diligently to understand employers’ needs. We then use neighborhood-based “Connectors” — individuals who are well known and respected in their communities – to identify qualified candidates. Through the Service Provider Network, we assess and train these candidates, and we give them the support and resources needed to begin a successful career. Network2WorkRVA is removing barriers that affect people’s ability to reach each of United Way’s Steps to Success.

Network2WorkRVA will help create talent pipelines in industries that rely on entry-level talent while helping unemployed, underemployed and other job seekers secure employment that will guarantee a minimum of $32,000 in annual wages. 

Network2Work RVA will help close the skill gaps in high-demand fields, including, but not limited to, information technology, health care, manufacturing, logistics, transportation and trades.

Service providers, employers and individuals are invited to join Network2WorkRVA: 

Differences in the Networks

United Way leads the Service Provider Network, one of three networks designed to connect the dots between job seeker and employer.

The Job Seeker Network uses neighborhood ambassadors, community-based organizations and workforce services providers to identify those who want to go to work or find a better job.

The Employer Network consists of businesses in high demand fields with jobs offering $32,000 a year or more.

The Service Provider Network, led by United Way, assists job seekers referred from neighborhood ambassadors and other connectors and, using the power of its network, provides the job seeker with comprehensive services needed to compete for good jobs. Such services include:  

  • Workforce training and community college education 
  • Transportation vouchers and loans of used cars 
  • Career coaching and life management counseling 
  • Gently–used wardrobes for office work 
  • Resume and interview skills workshops 
  • Food and housing assistance

Related Program: Workforce Partnership Team

United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg is committed to removing barriers to employment and helping everyone in our region find a path to success. One of the ways we do this is by serving as the backbone organization for the Workforce Partnership Team. The Workforce Partnership Team leads the Service Provider Network within Network2WorkRVA.

Program Sponsors

Network2Work RVA is generously supported by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation and The Bob & Anna Lou Schaberg Foundation.

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Schaberg Foundation

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Get more information from Anna Danese, Director of Career Services at Network2WorkRVA.