Southside Trauma-Informed Community Network

Helping community organizations understand
the importance of trauma-informed care.

United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg formed the Southside Trauma-Informed Community Network (Southside TICN) in August 2016, after numerous community leaders and organizations expressed interest in coming together to better understand trauma-informed care and incorporate its best practices into their work. 

Trauma-informed care describes an approach that recognizes the physical and mental impact of traumatic experiences, such as abuse, domestic violence and poverty. Individuals who experience multiple traumatic experiences are more likely to experience negative consequences, including substance abuse and mental and physical illness. For children and young adults, traumatic experiences – known as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) – can have an acute, long-lasting impact on cognitive, social and emotional development. 

By recognizing the impact of traumatic experiences and responding accordingly, members of United Way’s Southside Trauma-Informed Community Network are helping individuals and families in Petersburg receive better, more effective care and support that will lead to long term success.

The mission of the Southside Trauma-Informed Care Network is to promote and to enhance individual and community resilience through: 

  • Building relationships and partnerships by breaking down barriers and creating trust. 
  • Facilitating communication, information and resource sharing. 
  • Promoting trauma awareness among Southside TICN members and the broader community. 
  • Offering or coordinating training for providers, schools, government agencies and residents. 
  • Raising awareness of information and practices within: 
    • Schools 
    • Social Services 
    • Law Enforcement 
    • Court Services
  • Assisting emergency management and Emergency Support Function (ESF) partners. 
  • Maximizing movement and utilization of existing resources.

Southside TICN exists to create a community of wholeness and to recreate the norm from trauma to resilience by building awareness, knowledge and engagement of trauma recovery. As individuals and organizations, we set free limiting mindsets that have led to practices, policies, and institutions that write off children, youth, adults or families. Rather, we embrace change-thinking that instills a sense of hope and dispels hopelessness. 

Network members resolve to acknowledge our own trauma, care for ourselves and each other, and work to remain strong and whole in our own lives and to walk in our own authentic truths. Working together in all areas, we further resolve to build a community where everyone is connected and experiences a sense of safety and belonging. When we convene, there is no us vs. them, there is only we. 

Learn more about what it takes to build and maintain a trauma-informed community network with information from the Family & Children’s Trust Fund.

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