Back-to-School: High School Graduation

A high school diploma is a critical milestone on the path to a post-secondary degree and/or a self-sustaining career.

For many, the path to high school graduation seems like the home stretch before earning a diploma and entering the workforce. For others, it’s the end of one phase of education before the beginning of another phase.

Unfortunately, too many of our residents – particularly those in low-income areas – are not graduating high school on time – if at all. One out of every 10 high school students in the Richmond and Petersburg region did not graduate on time.

As we prepare to begin a new school year, we invite you to learn more about this important issue and find out what United Way is doing to help students across the region graduate high school on time.

Preparing for a New School Year: High School

We talked to Don Wilms, an award-winning Virginia educator, to learn about ways parents and families can help their high school student prepare for a successful start to the school year. Learn more.

Steps to a Successful School Year: High School Graduation

What makes high school graduation so important? What is United Way doing to support students, schools and communities? Learn more in our four-part series covering everything from pre-K to high school graduation!

Student Highlight

We talked to Tye’aja Friend, a recent high school graduate and former United Way intern, about her experience and the challenges she faced on the path to graduation. Read more.

Supported Agencies

Hear from leaders at our funded agencies that support the High School Graduation Step.

High School Graduation: By the Numbers

Our new online data hub tracks data related to high school graduation. Indicators include on-time high school graduation, dropout rate, chronic absenteeism and juvenile crime. Learn more and see how our region is doing.