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A high school diploma is the key that
unlocks a lifetime of success.

We believe everyone should have the ability to get a stable job and a living wage, and that starts with a high school diploma. Whether a student is headed to college, pursuing a credential or beginning a career, a high school diploma is essential. High school graduates

have a higher earning potential, contribute more to our local economy and are more engaged in the community. Unfortunately, too many of our residents – particularly those in low-income areas – are not graduating high school on time – if at all.


It’s never too early to begin preparing young people with the skills needed to succeed in the workforce. We bring local volunteers into the picture to help students grow and sharpen these skills.

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A Prepared & Empowered Future Workforce

The job market has gone through big changes in the last decade, and it can be difficult to secure a steady job with a sustainable income. We want to help equip young people in our communities with the skills needed to land such a job and lay a foundation for financial stability later in life.

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