WomenRise scholarship applications are open! Applications will be accepted from May 1 until May 31. The number of WomenRise scholarship recipients is determined by the generosity of our donors. Donate today to help us support more moms in 2022!

Providing childcare scholarships to empower single mothers to complete their education or train for a better job. 

The cost of childcare in our service area is often more than $1,000 per month, per child. This massive expense can make it nearly impossible for single parents to maintain financial stability while furthering their education in pursuit of a reliable living-wage career 

In response to this need, United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg runs WomenRise, a scholarship program that provides financial assistance to help single moms cover the cost of childcare while they work toward a post-secondary degree or credential 

Local Women Helping Local Women

WomenRise is run by members of our United Way’s local Women United giving community. Women United members lead this program by fundraising for scholarships, making scholarship decisions, planning events and providing encouragement and support to WomenRise scholarship recipients.    

Powered by United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg, WomenRise makes post-secondary education and training attainable for dedicated single mothers in our area.  

Single mothers experience poverty at a higher rate than any other family structure, both here in the Greater Richmond and Petersburg region and across the country. In our service area, the poverty rate for single mother families is 29.7%, compared to 12.2% for single father families and 3.7% for married couple families*. 

Education is one of the most effective pathways for a single mother to work her way out of poverty and provide more opportunities for herself and her family. However, the exorbitant cost of childcare can make it impossible for a working single mother to cover her family’s basic needs and pursue a post-secondary degree or credential.  

That’s where WomenRise comes in. WomenRise scholarship fills a clear need in a single mother’s life by relieving the burden of childcare costs and empowering women to attain the education needed to provide more opportunities for their families 

*If individuals are married but not living together, they are counted in either male or female householder families. Percentages do not indicate margin of error, which ranges from +/-0/5% to +/-7.3% based on population group. 

How it Works

WomenRise scholarships are available on an annual basis to local single mothers with an application process every summer. The scholarships cover the cost of direct care services per child during the time the mother is enrolled in classes or a training program. Scholarships are paid directly to the childcare provider.    

A WomenRise scholarship includes access to our Women United giving community members for support and encouragement as well as a set of partners and resources within the United Way network.  

We are now accepting applications for our second year of WomenRise! Applications will remain open from May 1 through May 31, and scholarship recipients will be announced this summer. If selected, WomenRise can cover the cost of child care from August 2022 to July 2023. If you have any questions about the process or how to apply, contact Heather Farber (farberh@yourunitedway.org).
Applications are open! Visit the application information page and the FAQ page to learn more about the application process and eligibility, and create an account on our online portal to access the application. If you have any questions about qualifications or accessing the application, email Heather Farber (farberh@yourunitedway.org).

WomenRise Scholarship Recipients

During the WomenRise pilot in 2021, we awarded $64,000 in childcare scholarships to six single mothers to assist them in completing their education or train for a better job.

2022 WomenRise scholarship recipients will be announced this summer. Click here to learn more about our WomenRise scholarship recipients.

Help More Moms: Give Today

Your support determines the number of WomenRise scholarship recipients and the amount of each scholarship. Make a gift to United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg to help us grow this important new program 

There is no gift too small! Every act of generosity makes a difference. Gifts of $1,000 or more will qualify for enrollment in our Women United giving community, which serves as the backbone group of planners and leaders for WomenRise 


Join Women United!

Do you want to join our group of local women supporting WomenRise? Learn more about our Women United giving community or contact Samantha McCabe (mccabes@yourunitedway.org) to join. 

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